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What is Endcrawl, anyway?

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Why should you trust us?

Endcrawl has helped over 4,000 films and TV shows deliver their end credits.

We don't think anyone else has this unique confluence: decades in the workflow trenches, thousands of filmmaker relationships, and millions of lines of granular credits data. (Nope, not even IMDb!)

Who is this for?

This belongs in every filmmaker's toolkit:

  • Post Supervisors & Post Coordinators
  • Producers & Directors
  • Finishing Artists, Online Editors, DI Producers
  • Title Houses & Freelance Designers
  • Studio & Network Credits Teams

... anyone who's ever heard "Just make the editor do it."

Whoever you are: our template eliminates a ton of guesswork, and dramatically simplifies one small slice of your life.

Does this template seem pretty long?

Yep. The full template contains over 500 canonical roles across 70+ departments. You'll definitely delete a few rows.

How did we make it?

We started with a dataset of half a million individual credited roles and their on-screen positions.

From this data we painstakingly built a Credits Thesaurus. Should you credit a "1st Assistant Camera", a "1st AC", or a "First Assistant Camera"? These are all ways of crediting the same role. We picked the way we feel is in line with current best practices, and put the other ways alongside it.

Then we went through each entry in the Credits Thesaurus and assigned a department. By looking at crediting patterns and applying a little industry know-how, we arrived at an on-screen ordering convention for these 70+ departments.

At this point we still needed an order for the roles under each department. This turned out to be a hard problem! Every production does things a little differently. To make sense of it all, we turned to some fancy graph theory and the XBox player rating system. (No, really!) We've published a deep dive on our credits ordering algorithm here.

Finally, we followed this up with department head interviews with casting directors, stunt coordinators, DPs, VFX supers, and editors.

The resulting Template is the hard work of both industry experts and computer algorithms.

Who are we?

We're Endcrawl and we kind of rock.


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