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What is Endcrawl, anyway?

Key Production Departments

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Why should you trust us?

Endcrawl has helped over 2,500 films and TV shows deliver their end credits.

We don't think anyone else has this unique confluence: decades in the workflow trenches, thousands of filmmaker relationships, and millions of lines of granular credits data. (Nope, not even IMDb!)

Who is this for?

This belongs in every filmmaker's toolkit:

  • Post Supervisors & Post Coordinators
  • Producers & Directors
  • Finishing Artists, Online Editors, DI Producers
  • Title Houses & Freelance Designers
  • Studio & Network Credits Teams

... anyone who's ever heard "Just make the editor do it."

Whoever you are: our template eliminates a ton of guesswork, and dramatically simplifies one small slice of your life.

Does this template seem pretty long?

Yep. The full template contains over 500 canonical roles across 70+ departments. You'll definitely delete a few rows.

How did we make it?

We started by analyzing nearly 500,000 individual credited roles using a bunch of fancy, difficult graph theory.

We followed this up with department head interviews with casting directors, stunt coordinators, DPs, VFX supers, editors ...

We'll be publishing a longer article on our methodology—watch this space.

Who are we?

We're Endcrawl and we kind of rock.


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