The End Run


We want you to write for us. Here's what we're looking for.

The End Run is a webzine about film and the future of storytelling, and we’re accepting pitches for interviews, observations, and subjective, personal stories with a strong point of view. If you have something to say, and can say it in your own voice, then we want to hear from you.

But first, a little bit about us:

  • We’re tech-savvy, but technology isn’t our focus. We’re interested in the evolution of art, politics, and business of storytelling.
  • We don’t publish news, we don’t publish reviews, and we don’t publish “how to break in” pieces. We’re more interested in how people are making end runs around the gatekeepers. (It’s not just a clever name.)
  • While we come from the filmmaking world, we’re just as interested in other forms of visual and immersive storytelling, such as video games, VR, and expanded cinema.
  • No haters. Deeply flawed works of art can still be beautiful and ambitious, so if you want to snark about pop culture, there are plenty of other outlets for that.
  • This is an inclusive place. We’re interested in submissions from everyone.
  • This is a paying gig. No terms, no net. We approve writer invoices immediately upon delivery. If you live in the U.S., payment typically drops in 2-3 days. Nobody wants to chase an invoice, and with us, you won’t have to.
  • Please send your pitches, along with links to writing samples, to

The End Run is published by, a software company that helps people make their movie’s end credits.

Iain Marcks is a writer, filmmaker, and Managing Editor of The End Run.